Monday, 6 April 2015

BTOOM! - Review

Genre: Action / Science-Fiction / Psychological Thriller
No. of Episodes: 12
Rate: 7.5/10

Expectations for this anime were low, mainly because I saw big boobs and it looked like Ecchi anime. I thought the anime will have quite good story yet contain lots of fan service such as anime 'Highschool of the Dead'. Certainly, I was mistaken! The characters are very well developed and they have their unique back story. The story and the fights against each other are very intense. During a certain fight you may loose a hope but they you can see the true winner. The animation is good which is important as the characters are fighting each other and there are lots of explosions. The music is amazing and I love the soundtracks. Certainly, the anime is worth checking out yet it is not FINISHED. Actuallly, it does not explain most of the important information that we should know as an audience.

Ryota Sakamoto is the best player of BTOOM! game. He is a young, unemployed man who wastes his life by closing himself in a room and playing games all day. One day Ryouta wakes up in a tropical island without remembering how. The only thing that he has with him is his bag and unknown bag filled with cubes. With interest, he presses the cube and it started counting from '10'. In a few seconds he realise that it is a 'Timer' bomb and throws away. Afterwards, he accidentaly meets a guy and wants to talk to him to know what the hell is happening here. Suddenly, the guy attacks witout no hesitation using bombs. Ryouta during the fight realises that the bombs that they use are the same as in BTOOM game! That means that he is in real-life game and his life is in danger.