Thursday, 20 March 2014

School Days - Review

Genre: Drama / Romance / Ecchi / Slice of Life
No. of Episodes: 12
My rate: 4.5/10

Well.......that was suprising. A boy who just have very high requirements about girls and still don't know how to treat them. That is not very good sign. If you are looking for a good anime, well it's the wrong shelf you're looking on. Try different anime as this anime is messed up totally D:

Makoto Ito is a first year student who started to have a crush on "urban legand" Kaisura Kotonoha, beautiful, Innocent and quiet girl who is loved by boys and harassed by girls which makes her friendless. Sekai Saionji in the second term started to sit beside Makoto, make a good frienship with him and saw that he likes Kaisura. As a friend she helped him to get closer to his crush but Kaisura is too shy which make him difficult to get close to her. They started dating but Makoto wants something more than hugging and kissing but it's difficult for him to approach. He later tells Sekai the words that started all mess in this anime: "Sekai, having Kotonoha as a girlfriend is kind of..........boring"