Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ao Haru Ride - Review

Genre: Slice of Life / Romance
No. of episodes: 12
My Rate: 8.5/10

As I read manga, I still believe that's a hundred times better than anime. Manga is more in detail and presents the story better. We all know that usually anime adaption of manga are quite awful, yet I think this was actually good. Animation and design are just form of beauty, voice actors are well chosen, story follows manga correctly and for people who didn't read the plot is really good and I love character development so much. Characters are just amazing; everyone is charming. My only objections are that some parts of the story (flashbacks) were just scattered and if I was watching only anime I may not fully understand the charm and importance of the flashback. I also don't like the ending as it seems unfinished (if you haven't read), mainly because the authors wanted to create a short series instead of long one and also manga is still going on. 

Our main character, Futaba Yoshioka, fell in love with a boy called Kou Tanaka. He's not very muscular and tall, and he doesn't behave like other boys that's why Futaba finds him attractive. One day he invites her for a festival yet he doesn't appear on the assaigned place and when they return to school people said he moved houses. When Futaba begins her Highschool life she changes and she becomes less feminine to push away the boys. She is cute and her looks attracted the boys which made girls (also her friends) became jelous of her, that's why she changed her character. Suddenly she mets Tanaka again as he attends the same highschool yet his surname changes to Mabuchi. He tolds her that she liked her as well in middle school but that was in the past and she should forget about him. Kou says that he's not like he used to be and Futaba agrees with it. Will her feelings for Kou will return?



  1. I love this anime/manga!! I just wished they'd continue the anime along with the manga :'( and it's frustrating how their love story always seem to not work out. Hopefully it'll progress beautifully, right? Thank you for this review!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment :) I hope they will continue anime however I think that Futaba will be with other boy (that appears more often in the manga <33) I hope she makes up her mind finally ......