Sunday, 28 September 2014

Haikyuu!! - Review

Genre: Sport / Comedy
No. of episodes: 25
My Rate: 9/10

Even someone that actually doesn't like sport can fell in love with this anime (example: me). How can animated volleyball can be so good? I actually don't know how! I think that characters just gave too much charm as everyone of them is precious and unique!! In addition, did you see that animation?! I love how the whole match goes as it makes it not only interesting but also exciting!! It plays with your emotions! Also it contains bunch of humour which will make you cry! The plot is also interesting as it shows the 'fallen' volleyball club which wants to climb higher and higher and become stronger and better.

Hinata Shoyo, small ginger-haired boy, one day became really passionate about volleyball. He practised to fullfil his dream, but by himself which didn't really bring any results. In his middle school he was the only memeber of male volleyball club, however he didn't gave up. In addition he was seem as too small for this sport. One day he got a chance to play his first match so he gathered his friends and told them the basics as they literally didn't know how to play. Unfortunately, their first group of opponents had a genius player which was Kageyama Tobio - 'King of the Court'. Hinata's team didn't got even a small chance to win, despite of this Hinata was acknowledge as his speed and his ability to jump was beyond imagination. Kageyama asked furiously where was he all along. Hinata decided to practise more often on his own, with his friends and female volleyball club to beat the 'King of the Court'. When he moved to Karasuno Highschool, he wanted to join their volleyball club and then participate in tournaments and beat his rival. Unfortunately, his rival joined the same school and also wants to join the same club. How can you defeat a person if he will be your teammate?

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