Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Air TV - Review

Genre: Drama / Romance / Tragedy  

No. of episodes: 13 episodes
My Rate: 9/10

Beautiful story and just whole anime *_* Very sad, and will definitely make you cry! (Crying a week after watching this ;_;)
The story is about a lonely traveler called  Yukito Kunisaki who is searching for a 'girl in the sky'. To earn money ha has a wee puppet and he can control and moving it only by looking at it, but he has difficulty to satisfy children, therefore he had no money and fall asleep outside. Clumsy but sweet girl called Misuzu founds him and tried to become his friend. She then tries to persuade her aunt to let him stay over in their house. She agreed and Yukito was looking after Misuzu, but she start to act weird and crying without a reason sometimes.


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