Thursday, 3 October 2013

Myself; Yourself - Review

Genre: Romace / Drama  
No. of episodes: 13 episodes 
My rate: 8/10

Gorgous anime. I haven't thought it will be so good. Worth to watch till the end!

Anime is set in town Sakuranomori. The main character Sana Hidaka is presented as a kid in the first episode, and is leaving the town and his close childhood friends. After few years, he come back to town and started to live alone. He again meet his friends - Aoi Oribe, Shusuke & Shuri Wakatsuki. Everone are togather again and are the same as always except Nanaka Yatsushiro. She looks as if she got cross at Sana as he left them and she ignores him. Some of the times she got jelous when he and Asami Hoshino (his new friend) are spending time togather.


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