Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Angel Beats! - Review

Genre: Action / Comedy-drama / Fantasy  

No. of episodes: 13 episodes
My Rate: 10/10

Action takes place in the world after death, that looks like normal world! Rebel students fighting with God and Angel. Lovely drawn, entertaining, very original and short anime ^_^ Additionally very sad!

Otonashi finds himself with no memories about his life, in other World. At the start he finds Yuri, the leader of  'Afterlife Battlefront' that fights against God for their cruel fates. She suggest him to join them, if he won't he will disappear when having normal life in this World and obey the Tenshi's (angel) Rules. Tenshi looks like normal girl but when Otonashi mets her she attack him. After a while Otonashi joins Yuri and there the story continues :D


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