Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hyouka - Review

Genre: Mystery -  
No. of episodes: 22 episodes
My rate: 7.5/10 (for mysteries and characters)

Anime has interesting Mysteries and characters that you cannot dislike. Also adorably drawn anime :) Kyoto could do it much more entertaining but still it's not so bad. While watching this do not count for a fantasic and entertaining plot 'cause it is only (mostly) about solving mysteries. Oh .... and -'Is there any romance?' - sorry but ...NO! D:
Whole anime is set in Kamiyama City, mostly in the local school. Hōtarō Oreki needed to join the Classic Literature Club in the Highschool, as his older sister ask him to. When he enters the club he meets a adorable girl called Chitanda Eru, who always is interested and then her eyes glows :D. Also two other students join the club, Satoshi and Mayaka. All the members meet up togather and sometimes (in anime lots of times) they solve mysteries, try to advertise the club to be more popular and that's it :(


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