Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bobobo-bobo bobo-bobo - Review

Genre: Comedy / Parody / Action 
No. of episodes: 76 episodes
My rate: 9/10 

I think you never saw something like this xD Anime is confusing and wierd. . . I don't know how to describe it, but for me is really funny and extraordinary. I haven't watch all episodes because so of them don't work for me :( but all of them aer really funny. (This is my opinion about this anime. Many people say that this anime is a sh*t but I don't think so >:( )

 It is about a man called Bobobo that uses his nose hair - 'Fist of the Nose Hair' - to fight with Chrome Dome Empire (and all other people who are supporting them).  Chrome Dome Empire are people that take innocent people and shave their hair (so they become bold). Pink haired girl called Beauty has been attacked by one of them but at least Bobobo has saved her. After this she decided to join him and they're having adventure :D

I know this may sound ridiculous but that is what anime is about :)


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