Monday, 26 May 2014

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My little Monster) - Review

Genre: Romance / Slice of Life / Comedy
No. of episodes: 13
My rate: 8/10

"Love" ~ It's so simple but hard to express. This anime showed me how it is difficult to confess to someone; do they share the same feeling or not? Will he/she leave me if I confess? That is what the main characters are struggling with. All of them are different, wonderful and unique but presonally sometimes I find them annoying as how they behave which made me lower the 'rate' for this anime. In addition for me everything began too fast and haven't properly ended, however it wasn't that bad as humour was excellent as well as the romantic stuff!!

The main character; Shizuku Mizutani only AND only cares about studing and getting the highest marks from everyone. She has no friends at all and she doesn't care if she will have any as she prefers to be alone. At first day of Highschool her classmate; Haru Yoshida picks up a fight and got suspended, however he hadn't returned to school since then. The teacher asked her if she would deliver some notes to him and ask him to return back to school. She wasn't very pleased but she do it, however the boy jumped at her aggressively and suspect her as being a 'spy'. She denies and replied that 'she doesn't care' as she done what she was ask to. The boy was amused and began considering her as a 'friend' because it was a pleasant gesture from a classmate that he never experienced.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Free! - Review

Genre: Sports / Slice of Life
No. of episodes: 12
My Rate: 9/10

Water, half-naked boys and good plot? It seems impossible yet I think it came out very good. The story is very interesting and also the times when they compete with others was so exciting! Even though sometimes I see the characters as 'gay' XD I feel like I extremely enjoyed watching the series and especially their friendship and team work!! However it seems like the target audience for this is girls. Well 'gay' boys in swimming suits with abs :D not really a target for boys.......

A group of boys; Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki and Makoto Tachibana were participating in a Iwatobi swimming club in their primary school. A transfer student Rin Matsuoka joined their class and the same club and become their friend. After winning the tournament Rin went to train in Australia and other boys separated and do what they want to do. So the story settles when they attend Highschool. Haru quitted competitive swimming for unknown reason and always repeats "I swim free", however Nagisa came out with an idea to open up a swimming club and swim togather again. At the same time they see Rin who came back from Australia but he changed........... Does the club will be a success and Haru will want to join it? What happened to Haru and Rin?


 Note: Characters introduced are not gay but they may seem like it as a result of their behaviour overall and actions towards their guy-friends. I'm not intending to offend anything or anyone :)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) - Review

Genre: Drama / Slice of Life / Tragedy
No. of Episodes: 11
My rate: 10/10

We all remember our childhood memories and we all probably want to go back to that times. Well, the anime concentrates on the tragedy that happen between a group of children who played togather. Very original story, full of sadness which will make you cry. Yeah, I cried a lot while watching, but the feelings to the characters grew stronger and stronger and I felt like I'm one of these friends who lost a precious friend. It's simply too emotional as it's not only concentrating on the loss of friend, but also parent's feelings, bullying, loneliness and love problems.

The story is centered round a group of six children who always played togather and were members of 'Super Peace Busters'. They had a small self made house in the forest. One day one of the children - Menma died in an accident. After this the group got separted and stopped conacting each other wahtsoever. One day the leader of the group; Jintan mets the gost of Menma however he's just telling himself that it's just hallucinations caused by stress as he hasn't passed his exams and doesn't attend school. Menma forgoted everything however she feels that she just wants her friends to fullfil her wish so she can go to heaven.