Saturday, 26 April 2014

Elfen Lied - Review

Genre: Action / Drama / Horror / Romance / Physchological Thriller
No. of episodes: 13
My Rate: 9/10

The opening from the beginning makes me feel nostalagic and sad - I don't know why. I was expecting just an anime that concentrates on blood and loose body parts as I experienced lots of disappointment when watching anime with my high expectations. Yet, the plot is truly amazing! I watched all episodes in one go with tears in my eyes. Maybe there's a bit of nudity and boobs (which I'm not a fan of) from time to time but I don't mind! However if you can't stand flying body parts or don't like nudity I will recommend you to think before watching.

Story begins when pink-haired girl with horns called Lucy (subject of experiments) escapes from a laboratory situated beside the seacoast of Kamakura. She escaped by killing all the guards and other people who stand in her way using her suprnatural powers, additional yet invisible hands. When escaping her head was hurt as a result of sniper bullet. She is later found on the beach by two students Yuka and Kouta. HoweverLucy got amnesia and became a sweet little girl insted of a sadistic monster. She can only say one word - "Nyu". Students toke her home, yet the members of the laboratory are trying to get her - alive or not! Later is found that Lucy is a 'Diclonius', a human but with little horns on the head, but is able to control 'vectors' - arms that come from the back that can became powerful weaapons.


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