Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) - Review

Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror
No. of episodes: 25

My rate: 10/10

Most popular anime in 2013! Last week the last episode came out! Worth watching, no boring episodes, interesting plot, lots of action. Became my favourite anime!

Many, many years ago the humanity was attacked and eaten by giants called 'Titans'. They have no digestive system yet they eat people, probably for fun! A small procent of humanity survived and hide behind large walls which are bigger than the tallest Titan. Three walls are: Marie, Rose and Sina.

 In the anime we're transfered to times where people haven't seen any Titan for 100 years within the walls. Eren and his step-sister Mikasa are witnesses of horrible incident. Giant, powerful titan appeared from no-where and destroy The Maria wall! Lots of Titans enter and attack all the citizens. Both children see their mother brutally eated by a Tiitan. Eren promises himself to destroy every Titan that exists and will make a revenge for what they have done to the humanity!

Attack on titan Screenshot
 Attack on titan Screenshot 2

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