Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kanon 2006 - Review

Genre: Drama / Romance / Fantasy 
No. of episodes: 24 episodes
My rate: 7.5/10

Anime made by the same studio Kyoto Animation which also made Air and Clannad. All of the series were very dramatic, so as this one. Really sad stories and lovely characters ♥ I think this anime is worth watching! While watching I was little bored and all that but I watched til the end and ..... ;_; so sad! If you really enjoyed Air or Clannad this is anime for you :)

The story begins when the main character Yuichi Aizawa, after 7 years camed back to the town where his Auntie Akiko and her cousin Nayuki are living in and attends the local school. He forgotten all the things that happened 7 years ago and what people he met. Throughout the story Yuichi is reminded of the events that happened which are very sad ;_;
He meets Mai Kawasumi who fights with demon, Ayu Tsukimiya - childish girl who likes to eat Taiyaki, Shiori Miska who is very sick and cannot attend school and Makoto Sawatari who likes to make silly jokes to Yuichi.

 Kanon has different version which I haven't watched and never heard about, but this is the newest and I think update it one. It was made in 2006.

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