Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mashiro-iro Symphony ~ The colour of lovers - Review

Genre: Romace / Drama / Harem 
No. of episodes: 12 episodes
My rate: 7/10
Anime based on Eroge game. Really colourfull and have a some of romance. I can say one thing that has nice graphics :D 

In Kagamidai there are two schools; Yuihime Girls' Private Academy and Kagamidai Private Academy. The academies decided too join together, so some students male and female will attend the Girls Academy for a Trial. Shingo (main character) and his sister are one of them. But not everyone like the idea of of joining two schools, mostly the principal's daughter of the Girl Academy Ari Sena. She thinks that the boys should not be in her Academy, whereas Shingo what to prove her that she's wrong. He wants to be her friend even if its difficult.


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