Saturday, 19 October 2013

Highschool of the Dead - Review

Genre: Horror / Romance / Adventure / Ecchi  

No. of episodes: 12 episodes
My rate: 8.5/10

Are you ready for zombie apocalypse? Anime is really interesting, that you cannot be bored anytime! The action starts straight away in the first episode. If you like zombies, big boobs and violence - this is anime for you. In my opinion there's one minus (one thing that I disliked): to much freaking jumping boobs!

The story start in the Highschool in Japan. It seems like a normal day in school but suddenly something tries to cross the school gates. It was a zombie. Every minute there was more and more of them. The school started to panic. The main characters, highschool students and a nurse, try to survive zombie apocalypse and find their parents which some of them are on the other side of the town.


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