Friday, 15 August 2014

Hitsugi no Chaika - Review

Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Adventure
No. of Episodes: 12
My Rate:7/10

For me it was an average anime; nothing less, nothing more. Of course, I pretty enjoyed it, however I've a deep feeling that something was missing. Ending of this anime isn't really ending anime as there are huge amount of thing to cover, that's why it needs a second season. They should have done one long series, than splitting them into two short ones :/ Well, I'll forgive as the music (especially ending and opening) are beautiful, characters are very likable and somewhat charming, and of course more important the plot is truly good. Yet the pace, for me was kinda slow, and we were slowely bit by bit get a small, tiny piece of information.

Toru Acura is saboteur and after the great war ended by the fall of Gaz Empire (in which ruler was Emperor Arthur Gaz), he began to live a lazy life with no special goal. One day, everything changes as he meets a girl in the forest that carried a big coffin on her back. Her name is Chaika Trabant. He saves her from a man-eating unicorn and while she sees his saboteur skills, she offers him a job. She reveals herself as Princess Chaika Gaz who wants to gather her father remains and make him a funeral. In the end Toru and his adopted sister Akari are hired by Chaika yet she is started to be haunted down as people are scared of  possible rebirth of the Gaz Empire and creating another war.