Monday, 27 October 2014

Blood Lad - Review

Genre: Comedy / Adventure / Supernatural
No. of episodes: 10
My Rate: 8/10

Suprisely, this anime has a good plot. I thought it will be a parody and comedy, yet it became more interesting and the plot greatly developed. It is really full of humour and nice characters which add so much charm to the series. The serie is not so long and I would recommend it to watch for lazy days. Nice to watch and it drags you in. The story becames more interesting through time.

Staz is a vampire and a boss of one of the demon districts. He does not attack humans yet is interested in better stuff, in short; he is an otaku. His room is filled with manga, anime, games, figures and other related stuff. One lucky day, he meets a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, moreover she comes from Japan!! He got really a good time, until an intruder attacks his area. While he fights the enemy and saves his allies, the poor girl gets eaten by a huge carnivorous plant. However she becames a ghost and Staz takes a full responsibilty for it so he tries to bring her to life.


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