Saturday, 14 September 2013

Yosuga no sora - Review

Genres: Drama / Romance / Erotic
No. of episodes: 12 
My rate: 5/10
It's like a Hentai and also there is incest. This anime doesn't suit me and I just enjoyed it a we-bit

Twins Sora and Haru lost their parents and moved to their childhood village Okukozome­. They have only each other. Sora  gets sick very often and wants her brother to be at her side all the time. When they were kids they were separated. Also Sora loves Haru much more than just a brother .... and also he loves her too the same way ...
Every few episodes there is a new story and in each, a new couple ( haru with each other girl) but in every story there is one same thing - Sora is jealous.


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  1. Haruka genki nai kara, genki nishte ageru.