Saturday, 14 September 2013

Vampire Knight (All series) - Review

Genres: Drama / Romance / Vampires / Action

No. of Episodes : Vampire Knight : 13
                           Vampire Knight Guilty : 13
 My Rate: 9/10
(Series above are in order that should be watched)
 The Fans of vampires, 'Twilight' and 'Vampire Daries' will definitely will like this xD Handsome male vampires, love triangle, mysteries ; excellent anime to watch!  I just love this anime.

Dark and full of mystery stories about vampires. Yuki had been found alone in winter attacked by the vampire. She was saved by a handsome vampire Kaname who brought her to Kaien Cross- who 10 years later becomed headmaster of Cross Academy; School for vampires and normal students. Also Zero Kiryu (who hates vampires) had been adopted by Kaien and become close friends with Yuki. This three characters had joined the Academy. Yuki falled in love with Kaname, whereas Zero tried to keep her away from him and other vampires. She had to decide who she need to listen to and also other problems had appeared.


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  1. i love this anime so much!!!! team zero!!!