Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Review

Genre: Comedy / Romance
No. of Episodes: 26
My rate: 10/10

The most romantic and cute anime I ever watch. Sure, non of the episodes were boring so I really enjoyed watching! Also I really like the characters! When I look at Usui I'm just like ~ ''Just Take me *o*'' XD

Seika High, was a boy school but has become a co-education school. There are not many girls at the school right now but the main, ordinary character Misaki Ayuzawa wants to change that. She wants to take the school in her hands and make this school a good and safe place for girls. Misaki becamed a first female council president of the school. She hates boys and their disgusting behaviour.  She has a reputation of strict, aggressive, demonic dictator (in boys point of view). Her family is not very rich so she works in 'Maid Latte' Cafe dress up as a maid. She's hidding it from everyone to keep her reputation as a council president. Unfortunately, one of the most attractive and popular boy in the school has dicovered her secret.


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  1. I do not know you but the way you describe these animes I can't help but feel your energy and love towards these animes, so we'll done you have won me over with this anime as was not so sure about it at first, thank you.