Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Soul Eater - Review

Genre: Comedy / Adventure / Supernatural  
No. of episodes: 51
My rate: 9/10 
Looking for Really funny Shounen anime? Here it is! Soul Eater with halloween themeand unqiue style which totally wins my heart. Most funniest anime I ever watch. Non of the episodes are boring! Additionally extremely entertaining plot which is followed by unique and amazing characters that have their unique personality! 

It's set in the academy called Shibusen where they teach humans to transform into weapons and to be a meisters - people who can fight with these weapons. The school is runned by Shinigami, also known as Death. The school's goal is to kill all the evil, but above all to prevent the revival of the demon called Kishin.
The students are split into groups ( two/ three people made of a weapon or meisters) and must collect 99 evil souls and one soul of a witch. After having collected all required souls a weapon then can be the weapon of the great Shinigami - a person thet runs the school.


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