Saturday, 14 September 2013

D. Gray Man - Review

Genres: Adventure / Fantasy / Action 
No. of episodes: 103 episodes
 My rate: 7/10

Quite interesting Shounen anime. Gloomy and Funny with fight scenes ^_^ But some episodes (in my opinion) are boring. That's why this anime haven't drew me in :( But it is worth watching till the end!

Allen Walker is 15 years old boy whose is an Exorcist. His left arm is transformed into a big claw and used to destroy Akumas (Machines made by Millennium Earl to destroy the humanity so they can make their own World) which Allen can detect with his left red eye. 
Every Exorcist has an innocent in them that helps to destroy Akumas. Unfourtanely they also have to find other Innosences as the Millennium Earl want to take and destroy them. 


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