Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mirai Nikki - Review

Genres: Romace / Drama / Horror / Action  
No. of Episodes: 26 
My rate: 10/10

Very engaging, suprising and original anime but with we-bit irritating main character (as he cries a lot ). Also a cute insane girl that I just adore. I just couldn't stop watching this anime! It's one of my favourite ♥

Plot: Amano Yukiteru (Yukki) is a loner in the school. He only writes a diary in his cell phone all day. Everything that happens he writes it in. He thinks he has an imaginary friends - Deus that call himself a God of Time and Space and Murmur servant. Deus gives Yukiteru a Future Diary, and you can only see to 90 days. Yukki is excited about his diary but then he meet a lovely girl Gasai Yuno who has Future  Diary too. Deus then explains that this is a game to become the next God. The rules are to eliminate everyone (each has an unique diary) and the last one becomes the God of time and space before the World will end on the 90th day.


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