Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shaman King - Review

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy
No. of Episodes: 64 episodes

My Rate: 10/10

Most intersting, funny & unique anime. One of my favourite and the first I've watched in my whole life! Shaman King manga is much, much better than anime so I recommend to read it ^_^
This anime is about an ordinary boy called Manta / Morty which meets a unusual boy called Yoh . He is a Shaman. Both of them become friends and have excited adventures cause there is Shaman Fight Tournament that will be held. The winner will become a Shaman King and lots of Shamans will fight against each other for this title and to fulfil their dreams.

This was my first anime that I watched. I was only 9 years old xD I watched a lots of times because I love the characters and the whole story *_* The Japanese version has been censored to make an English version. Then the other countries made their own versions from the English.


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