Saturday, 21 September 2013

Shiki - Review

Genre: Supernatural / Horror / Mystery / Vampires
No. of episodes: 22 
My rate: ?/10

 I just watch half of it. I was watching this long time ago. I love horror and I'm alwas drawn in but here I get really distracted by the way the characters are drawn (mostly haisrtyles). It just pushes me off and I just needed to stop have way. 
But overall anime have interesting horror story and it's quite creepy :)
In the middle of summer village called Sotoba becomes a witness to unexplained deaths of citizens. There are more and more victims , and local doctor suspects that this is some unidentified disease, because they all have similar symptoms. Also a mysterious family -look like vampires- moved into a new house on the hill.

(Short plot cause I haven't finished the anime)
Here's a really good amv of this anime and it shows how this anime is interesting (of couse there are some spoilers in amv) : LINK

I just can't look at his face. It's distracting me D:

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