Friday, 7 February 2014

Karneval - Review

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Supernatural
No. of episodes: 13
My rate: 7/10

From the first sight I thought ; 'I think this would be a quite good anime with a nice plot which would entertain me.' The storyline reached my expectations. I just love the circus concept as not in the means of just entertaing people. Nice clothes, graphics and characters. Well about the characters I'm not really sure.....I think that they aren't unique. I have watched many animes but this is the only one which every character reminds me of other anime characters ( appearance or/and personality) That's what I hate about it :(


Accidentally two boys meet togather in weird circumstances and then they become wanted criminals and are chased by unknown people. Gareki is a pick-pocket and lives by thief, whereas Nai is someone who knows literly nothing about the world and wants to find a very important person for him which gived him the bracelet, Karoku. Both of the boys are stopped by 'Circus', governments' defence organization. They saw the bracelets and recognised it. It is stated that this bracelet that Nai got from Karoku belongs to the Circus.


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