Thursday, 3 July 2014

Gokukoku no Brynhildr - Review

Genre: Drama / Horror / S-F / Detective
No. of episodes: 13
My Rate: 7/10

Witches with superpowers and aliens........a wierd mash-up with horror and s-f elements, along with some ecchi humour. The whole plot is amazing and unique which are truely amazing! Music and graphic on high level and with quite good characters. Honestly, the mystery behind the orgin of the withes and the problems that occured were extremely engaging. The plot was pulling me in to the anime however step by step the story line got worse. The authors weren't concentrating on the main objective and instead worked more on daily life of the characters, ecchi humour, and drama about "where to get the pills" and the serious stuff were all sqeezed in two last episodes. Therefore my rate got down on this anime....

Murakami Ryoko had a childhood friend called Kuroneko, which he was deeply in love. They loved watching the sky at night using the telescope and Kuroneko always repeated that she saw an 'alien' once. However Ryota couldn't believe, so to prove it, she took him where she saw the alien. Unfortunately they fall from the cliff and only Ryota stayed alive. Years have past and Ryota keep watching the stars along with thinking about his first love and dreaming that she could be alive. Then one day, to his school a new girl transfered which looked excatly like his childhood friend yet under other name- Kurohaneko. When approching her (very loudly btw), she repeated multiple times that she doesn't know him and that he must have mistaken her with someone completely different. Afterwards she comes to Ryota's astronomy club, warning him  not to miss the bus or he will die. From curiosity, he misses the bus and walks home however he was nearly squashed by a large puddle of rock and mud yet saved by Kurohaneko who have supernatural powers and calls herself a witch.


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