Sunday, 15 December 2013

Inu x Boku SS - Review

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Supernatural
No. of episodes: 12
My Rate: 10/10

Beautiful drawn anime which is just so cute as the female potagonist tries to over come her weakness and tries to make some friends. Really interesting, and cannot make you bored! Also the characters are so unique!

Ririchiyo is a daughter of Shirakiin clan. She moves to a ''Ayakashi Kan'' mansion and attends the local school to get some peace and quiet. When you move to the mansion you have to be 'special'. Something more Supernatural. Addiotionally you earn a Secret Service body-guard. Ririchiyo has rejected to have one, but she still got one to protect her. His name is Soushi Miketsukami which is a ghost of a fox. For her, the problem is that she finds difficult to communicate with others and show their feelings.


Inu x Boku ss - Screenshot 1Inu x Boku ss - Screenshot 2Inu x Boku ss - Screenshot 3

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