Friday, 22 November 2013

11eyes - Review

Genre: Horror / Action / Romance   
No. of episodes: 12 episodes
My rate: 8/10

Two students living normally, and then suddenly they found themselves in dark and full of cruelty world. But not for long. While thay are in the other world they are surrounded by bizarre, cruel creatures. Very interesting and good anime :))
Satsuki Kakeru and his childhood friend Minase Yuka were drawn into the other world, as they would call 'Red Night'. They are in this world not for very long, but there is a lot of disgusting and strange creatures that are trying to kill them. They're not the only victims, there are few more people. The 'Black Knights' are one of the creatures in the other world and are calling these people like Yuka and Kakeru ''fragments'' and trying to destroy them. Also they protect a mysterious and very beautiful girl trapped in the crystal. Kakeru and his friends that have been in 'Red Night' have joined together and try to survive and stop this horror.


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