Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Guilty Crown - Review

Genre: Mecha / Action / S-F / Fantasy
No. of episodes: 22
My rate: 7/10

This anime really suprised me! It wasn't boring and there's no need to force yourself to watch it. However, I like the anime but I don't like how the anime went in th middle of the series and I got annoys with one  character. The plot was really interesting, same as the fighting scenes and I very like the concept of the apocalypse.

The story takes place in Tokio in 2039. Ten years before that an apocalypse started by a unknown virus. People call this day - 'Lost Christmas'. When the apocalypse started, an organisation called GHQ started to control. Japan. A girl called Inori Yuzurihe stealed a secret weapon as her mission was to gave it to 'Gai'. Unfotunately, she got caught cause of her bad wounds. Instead of 'Gai' - the leader of an organisation against the GHQ called 'Undertaker' - having a secret weapon, Shu Ouma, 17-year old student got it. Now he can take out weapons from people called Voids.


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