Friday, 22 November 2013

07 Ghost - Review

Genre: Action / Supernatural / Comedy / Fantasy / Drama  

No. of episodes: 25 episodes
My rate: 7/10

Good and unique anime. It is different from any other anime that I watched and the story interested me :)

07 ghost zero seven cover characters
Teito Klein, former slave, attends the military army in Barsburg. He has a great ability to use Zaiphon (supernatural power in this anime) but he is an amnesiac. His only friend is Mikage, who is always by his side, an they once vow they will never abandon each other. Other students are bullying him as he was a slave. Once he overhears that someone is talking about him and it was Chief of Staff Ayanami, who killed a man that was in Teito's dream that seemed like his father. Teito attacked Ayanami but caught by guards and send to prison. But Mikage helps him escapes. When Teito escaped, Mikage was tortured by Ayanami, and wounded Teito was founded by bishops and brought into the nearest church. After,  he, bishops and other people discovered that he has Eye of Mikhail (powerful talisman for which his home country was destroyed)


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