Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Black★Rock Shooter - Review

Genre: Science Fantasy / Drama / Action  
No. of episodes: 8 episodes
My rate: 7/10

Short anime about friendship and pain within the heart. Do you think that is just a short anime about hishschool girls problems? No. The story takes in a normal world and in a completely different universe! Some people don't understand this anime but I understand it like this:

Anime is about a friendships and how the girls can get hurt by their friends. Two secondary school girls Mato Kuroi and Yuu Kotari are best friends. Mato wants to make a new friendship with other girl that's called Yomi Takanashi. She gets very jealeous about the friendship that Mato and Yuu has.
There is also an alternative world in which the main characters have their other  character, which are fighting with each other brutally. But in the real world they are friends.

I liked this anime as I personally experienced problems with friendship.


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