Saturday, 9 November 2013

Death Note - Review

Genre: Mystery / Psychological Thiller / Fantasy 
No. of episodes: 37 episodes
My rate: 10/10

 What would you do if you'ld be able to kill someone only by writting their name in a notebook? Getting rid of the notebook or killing your enemies? Or do as the main character did; kill all the criminals and make yourself God.
Shinigamis don't have many things to do, so one of them had an idea to throw a 'Death Note' into Human's World. Just for fun ^_^ A great and intelligence student Raito Yagami had found the book, tested and came up with an idea becoming a new God! But Police had noticed lots of deaths that accured and getting suspicious.

Most entertaining and interesting anime of all. No-one can get bored while watching this :) However. anime want sh*t in the middle D:


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